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MBBS Admission in Pakistan Medical Colleges (Eligibility Criteria & Procedure)

If you have cleared out the FSc Pre-Medical and nowadays searching for the MBBS Admission in Pakistan Medical Colleges, you are on the correct site. Currently, do you wish to carry on your educations in the medical field? Of course!

In this article, you would acquire everything regarding MBBS admission in Pakistan and MBBS admission criteria in Pakistan, admission process, & merit for MBBS.

It is a bachelor’s level gradation which stands for Bachelors Medicine Bachelors Surgery (MBBS). It consists of 5 years period comprising a 1-year residency package in an institution-linked training hospital.

Hence, if you are prepared to get admission to MBBS in Pakistan, go ahead on this page to get a list of medical colleges in Pakistan where MBBS admission is open.

MBBS Admission in Pakistan Medical Colleges

Several public, as well as private institutions, are proposing MBBS Admission In Pakistan. Every single of the medical colleges devises its individual necessities, aptness, & date program for the admissions.

However, before talking about admission, I would teach you that never delay the final date of application as any admission form received after the last date won’t be accepted.

Here is the comprehensive guide including the answers to the frequently asked questions regarding MBBS Admission in Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission

Here is the complete detail about the eligibility criteria for MBBS admission in Pakistan.

For Native Students

Intermediate Student: with 12 years education of higher lyceum Certificate (HSSC) or FSc or corresponding to pre-medical grouping having 60% results might be least eligibility criteria for MBBS package in Pakistan.

A-Level Student: with a course from a distant education structure or institution or examination group having at least of 3 science subjects i.e. biology, chemistry, and also physics, mathematics also obtaining at least 60% grades.

Besides, this course should be acknowledged thru the Inter Boards Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) for equality to upper lyceum Certificate level or FSc in Pakistan.

For Overseas Students

Foreign Pakistani students finished their education overseas and target MBBS admissions through open merit or overseas seats in some private medical universities.

Admissions test should be passed, attaining at least 70% of marks in total, in an exam of a course commencing by a distant institution. Also, the examination must include at least 3 subjects i.e. Biology, chemistry, and also math or physics.

Moreover, this course must be properly certified by IBCC for equality to FSc or upper lyceum Certificate level in Pakistan.

Admission Method for MBBS

Currently, Centralized Entry Test System is being instigated all over the country by the PMC on the same date by the relevant certified experts in 2022.

Documents Required for MBBS Admission

These are the required documents for MBBS admission:

  • Matriculation certificate delivered by related board.
  • FSc (pre-medical) report card delivered by the related power or board
  • Applicant’s Domicile & CNIC/B. Form
  • Photos of applicant
  • MBBS Merit Formula 2022

MBBS Merit Calculation Formula

  • 10% of Matric Marks
  • 40% of FSc Marks(pre Medical)
  • 50% of MDCAT / Entry Test.

Selection of Medical College

Admission is medical colleges for MBBS/BDS in Pakistan are divided into 2 categories. There are a total of 114 medical colleges in Pakistan of which 69 Medical Colleges are Private Sector and 45 Medical Colleges are Public Sector affiliated with the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). Domicile is mandatory for the admission of medical colleges in any province.

  1. MBBS/BDS Admission in Private Medical Colleges of Pakistan.
  2. MBBS/BDS Admission in Government Medical Colleges of Pakistan.

So, students of Punjab province, as well as all provinces, might apply for the medical college of any province.

MBBS Online Admission Procedure

The application procedure is completely online.

For the web form filling, the applicant would firstly enroll on the online entry with help of his e-mail ID & a password.

The system would at that moment create a Pin Code that might be referred to the applicant on his e-mail address. For the prime time Login, the applicant would be mandatory to provide his e-mail ID, and password, besides the Pin Code referred to him.

Though, after the applicant has logged in well, pupils would be obligated to just provide their e-mail ID & password to log in afterward. Applicants are instructed to keep their e-mail & password safe.

After logging in, applicants would enter their profile statistics (Marks, Names, etc.). The applicant would visit the nearest Bank of Punjab Branch, for Biometric Authentication.

Cancellation of Admission:

  • The applicant must not be disqualified/rusticated from any institute.
  • The admission is frequently dismissed at any phase just in situation of deceitful evidence
  • The admission board might reject admission to any pupil without allocating any cause.

No applicant will be qualified for overseas allocation seats in public & private medical as well as dental institutions in sub-regulation (I) & (2) except he embraces a stable foreign nationality or double nationality.

Moreover, overseas Pakistani pupils as well as those who have substantially studied and got secondary school certificates (SSC) & HSSC clearing the 12th-grade examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are obligatory to submit along with the online application?

You require attaching your current photograph as well as mandatory documents with the online form. Documents that are compulsory for any program are itemized in the online application form.

How much percentage is required for MBBS in Pakistan?

The applicant must have cleared the intermediate science (FSc) examination (pre-Medical), Obtaining a minimum of 60% marks in total, from a Pakistani institution or a corresponding board examination of secondary education in Pakistan.

How much does MBBS cost in Pakistan?

The expected fee for the MBBS program is about Rs. 14 to 15, 00000 in private college & Rs. 30,000 for Government colleges.

Final Thoughts

We hope you would find this article helpful for the guidance on MBBS Admission criteria in Pakistan 2022. We tried our best to provide you with comprehensive material about the MBBS Admission.

Still, if you feel any trouble about this, you are welcome to ask us in the comment box. Our MBBS squad is always ready to answer your questions as soon as possible. Moreover, share your respected feedback in comments & share this material with your family & friends.

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