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PMDC Entry Test 2023-24 [Latest Updates]

PMDC National Medical and Dental College Admission Test is conducted after A-Level or F.Sc with pre-medical scores every year. The process will be computer-based all over Pakistan. All the Students who want to take admission to any medical institute in Pakistan are required to clear NMDCAT.

PMDC Entry Test 2023

PMDC conducts this test annually to check the particular capabilities of future doctors. So, get ready to take the PMDC Entry Test 2023 and prepare the latest syllabus. In this article, you will find the NMDCAT Pattern papers to apprehend MDCAT Syllabus 2023 subject-wise.

From the specified syllabus, a total of 210 MCQs will be selected. Every topic from all subjects is openly declared in the syllabus to make preparation respectively. You can get the PMDC Entry Test syllabus for Physics, English, Biology, and Chemistry. PMDC has divided the syllabus 2023 paper pattern into three groups.

Easy MCQs, Temperate MCQs & Tough MCQs. PMDC Entry Test Syllabus 2023 is altered from the former year’s revised PMDC Syllabus. Few topics are altered in the current year syllabus for MDCAT entry Test.

Be watchful while downloading the PMDC syllabus file, as particular websites are providing wrong updates regarding the PMDC syllabus. Make sure to download as well as consult a genuine PMDC Syllabus file for PMDC Entry Test 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

Students who satisfy these conditions are eligible to take PMDC NMDCAT.

  • 65% marks in A-Level or F.Sc (Pre-Medical) regulated by IBCC (Interboard Committee of Chairmen).
  • A provisional domicile is compulsory.

Students will get an email or message on the phone 15 days before the test date. Make sure to enter the correct details of your phone number and Email address.

PMDC Syllabus 2023 for MCAT Entry Test

NUMS Syllabus 2023 & National MDCAT Syllabus 2023 are not very much different from each other. Also, the paper pattern is similar for both MCAT Tests.

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A student who desires to take part in both Entry tests can match both syllabuses. Moreover, it will be beneficial to make preparations for both, National Entry Test & NUMS Entry Test.

Paper Pattern of PMDC Entry Test 2023

  • 20% tough MCQs
  • 50% moderate MCQs
  • 30% easy MCQs

This arrangement is perfect for normal apprentices and for brilliant students. Actually, the concept of easy MCQs is totally wrong. Every student feels difficult to solve all MCQs in the examination Hall.

You can Download PMDC Entry Test Syllabus 2023 in PDF Format and get a print of the syllabus topic-wise.

Preparation Guide

Subject-wise homework is the finest method to acquire high grades. Solve nearly 100 plus MCQs for every subject of the MDCAT Syllabus.

MDCAT Syllabus is provided here to download. From here you can download the PMDC Entry Test Syllabus and model paper to catch a perfect clue regarding the National MDCAT Paper pattern.

Besides, you can also Download NUMS Past Paper 2021 PDF & MDCAT Past Paper 2023 PDF. Total MCQs for PMDC Entry Test is 210 without any negative marking.

  • 20 MCQs for English
  • 56 MCQs for Chemistry
  • 68 MCQs for Biology
  • 56 MCQs for Physics
  • 10 MCQs for Logical Reasoning

Students will get 3 hours and 30 minutes to solve the paper. Also, the marks of NMDCAT are valid for 2 years for the students.

So, you should prepare every single topic of these subjects following the PMDC syllabus 2023. Topics of Biology are very significant because particular topics come from federal Text Board books and particularly from Punjab Text Board Books.

So, the students need to prepare from both books in order to prepare all the topics.

You can purchase these Federal & Punjab books either from the market or order online if you want to avoid wasting time. Here the stock is obtainable for entire books.

  • Punjab Board Books (Physics, Chemistry, Biology + MDCAT English Vocabulary)
  • Federal Board Books (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, + MDCAT English Vocabulary)

Physics Syllabus

Physics Syllabus for National MDCAT 2023 comprises 20%. Apprentices need to solve 40 MCQs of physics segments. You can download the Physics syllabus for MDCAT 2023 including a guide for PMDC Entry Test 2023 preparation.

Physics MCQs Bank is fashioned for the preparation of the MDCAT Test from a selective Syllabus. In the current year, just 13 topics are selected for the National MDCAT Syllabus.

Chemistry Syllabus

30% of the National MDCAT syllabus comprises Chemistry and students have to solve 60 MCQs out of 200 from Chemistry.

You might acquire the practice paper as well as a sample paper for the MDCAT Entry Test from here. Chemistry MCQs Bank is similarly obtainable for practice which is designed according to the syllabus 2023.

The easy method to prepare topics for the Chemistry syllabus is. Simply Download the syllabus file, get the print, and highlight every topic on Textbooks. Cover all topics from the syllabus & solve MCQs bank Chapter wise or topic-wise.

Biology Syllabus

Highlight the topics of Biology on Book that are the portion of MDCAT Syllabus 2023. Acquire a booklet of National MDCAT MCQs for Biology & solve the MCQs. Students need to solve 80 MCQs of Biology.

English Syllabus for PMDC Entry Test

10% of the MDCAT Tests will comprise an English segment. Students have to solve 20 MCQs from the English paper pattern mentioned below.

  • 03 MCQs for the structure of the sentence
  • 03 MCQs for correct use of Subject Verb Agreement
  • 02 MCQs for Use of writing conventions of capitalization, punctuation & spelling
  • 04 MCQs for vocabulary
  • 02 MCQs for correct use of prepositions & articles
  • 04 MCQs for tenses
  • 02 MCQs for mistakes in sentences or short written texts

Guidelines for 100% Preparation

  • Download Syllabus of PMDC Entry Test 2023
  • Acquire Text Books of Punjab Text Board & Federal Text Board.
  • Get started for topic-wise preparation.
  • Remain updated & guided on every topic.
  • Concentration is important for success, so, concentrate on Syllabus preparation.
  • Analyze your weaknesses by taking subject-wise tests and devote additional time to the feeble subjects
  • Try to solve past papers for your practice. You might order online past papers
  • Acquire MDCAT MCQs Bank for all 4 subjects
  • Be in touch with your lecturers for supplementary guidance
  • Pray to Allah almighty for the Success always


What is the date of MDCAT 2023?

The date declared for MDCAT Test 2023 starts from the 30th of August 2023 to the 30th of September 2023.

Who will conduct MDCAT 2023?

PMDC will hold the post-exam analysis of MDCAT-2023 to drive out uncertainties in the minds of applicants.

Is MDCAT delayed until 2023?

The PMDC explained that the MDCAT test will carry on as programmed throughout the country. So, there isn’t any delay or cancellation at all of the examination centers.

Final Words

We hope this article will be helpful to you. Thanks a lot for your support, do share this article with your associates & beloved ones to help them regarding PMDC Entry Test 2023. If you want to give any suggestions or have any questions, ask us in the comment section below.

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