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List of Medical Colleges in Pakistan [Public & Private Sector]

Searching for public and private sector medical colleges in your province and city? In Pakistan, there are a total of 122 medical colleges. Each province has a specific number of medical colleges in both the public and private sectors. All these 122 colleges are recognized and authorized by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMDC).

In this article, we bring the list of both public and private sector Medical Colleges in Pakistan. To make the selection effortless, we further divided these colleges according to their cities. Take some time and check the list.

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List of Medical Colleges in Pakistan

In this list of 122 medical colleges, you will find 74 Medical Colleges are Private Sector and 48 Medical Colleges are Public Sector.

Punjab & Islamabad194463
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa101121
Azad Kashmir314

List of Medical Colleges in Punjab

According to the population, Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan. The total population of Punjab is 27.98 million. According to this huge population, there are 63 medical colleges in Punjab.

  • 19 Medical College are Public Sector
  • 44 Medical College are Private Sector
  • 63 Total colleges

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Public Sector Medical Colleges of Punjab

Punjab is the most developed province of Pakistan. There are a total of 19 public sector medical colleges in Punjab. Let’s check their list.

Sr No.LogoCollege NameUniversityCitySeats
1Allama Iqbal Medical CollegeAllama Iqbal Medical CollegeUHSLahore325
2Ameer-ud-Din (PGMI) Medical CollegeAmeer-ud-Din (PGMI) Medical CollegeUHSLahore110
3Army Medical CollegeArmy Medical CollegeNUMSRawalpindi204
4D.G. Khan Medical CollegeD.G. Khan Medical CollegeUHSDera Ghazi Khan120
5Fatima Jinnah Medical College for WomenFatima Jinnah Medical College for WomenFJMULahore300
6Federal Medical CollegeFederal Medical College, IslamabadSZAMBUIslamabad100
7Gujranwala Medical CollegeGujranwala Medical CollegeUHSGujranwala120
8Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical CollegeKhawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical CollegeUHSSialkot120
9King Edward Medical UniversityKing Edward Medical UniversityKEMULahore325
10Nawaz Sharif Medical CollegeNawaz Sharif Medical CollegeUHSGujrat61
11Nishtar Medical CollegeNishtar Medical CollegeNMUMultan300
12Punjab Medical CollegePunjab Medical CollegeFMUFaisalabad300
13Quaid-e-Azam Medical CollegeQuaid-e-Azam Medical CollegeUHSBahawalpur325
14Rawalpindi Medical CollegeRMURawalpindi350
15Sahiwal Medical CollegeSahiwal Medical CollegeUHSSahiwal120
16Sargodha Medical CollegeSargodha Medical CollegeUHSSargodha120
17Services Institute of Medical SciencesServices Institute of Medical SciencesUHSLahore220
18Shaikh Khalifa Bin ZayedShaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Medical & Dental CollegeUHSLahore100
19Sheikh Zayed MedicalSheikh Zayed Medical College/HospitalUHSRahim Yar Khan160

Private Sector Medical Colleges of Punjab

In Punjab, there are a total of 44 private sector medical colleges. Let’s check their list with their city name. In these colleges, there are 15 colleges located in Lahore.

Sr No.LogoCollege NameUniversityCitySeats
1Abwa Medical CollegeAbwa Medical CollegeUHSFaisalabad100
2Akhtar Saeed Medical & Dental CollegeAkhtar Saeed Medical & Dental CollegeUHSLahore150
3Al Aleem Medical CollegeAl Aleem Medical CollegeUHSLahore100
4Al-Nafees Medical CollegeAl-Nafees Medical CollegeIU-HIslamabad100
5Amna Inayat Medical CollegeAmna Inayat Medical CollegeUHSLahore100
6Avicenna Medical CollegeAvicenna Medical CollegeUHSLahore150
7Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental CollegeAziz Fatimah Medical & Dental CollegeUHSFaisalabad100
8Azra Naheed Medical CollegeAzra Naheed Medical CollegeSU-LLahore150
9Bakhtawar Amin Medical & Dental CollegeBakhtawar Amin Medical & Dental CollegeUHSMultan100
10Central Parks Medical CollegeCentral Parks Medical CollegeUHSLahore100
11CMH Institute of Medical SciencesCMH Institute of Medical SciencesNUMSBahawalpur100
12CMH Kharian Medical CollegeCMH Kharian Medical CollegeNUMSKharian Cantt100
13CMH Lahore Medical CollegeCMH Lahore Medical CollegeNUMSLahore Cantt150
14CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS)CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS)NUMSMultan Cantt150
15Continental Medical CollegeContinental Medical CollegeUHSLahore50
16Fazaia Medical CollegeFazaia Medical CollegeAUIslamabad100
17FMH College of Medicine & DentistryFMH College of Medicine & DentistryUHSLahore100
18Foundation University Medical CollegeFoundation University Medical CollegeFUIIslamabad150
19HBS Medical & Dental CollegeHBS Medical & Dental CollegeSZABMUIslamabad100
20HITEC-Institute of Medical SciencesHITEC Institute of Medical SciencesNUMSTaxila100
21Independent Medical CollegeIndependent Medical CollegeUHSFaisalabad100
22Islam Medical CollegeUHSSialkot150
23Islamabad Medical & Dental CollegeIslamabad Medical & Dental CollegeSZABMUIslamabad100
24Islamic International Medical CollegeIslamic International Medical CollegeRIURawalpindi100
25Lahore Medical & Dental CollegeLahore Medical & Dental CollegeUHSLahore150
26M. Islam Medical CollegeM. Islam Medical CollegeUHSGujranwala100
27Multan Medical & Dental CollegeMultan Medical & Dental CollegeUHSMultan150
28Niazi Medical & Dental CollegeNiazi Medical & Dental CollegeUHSSargodha100
29Rahbar Medical & Dental CollegeRahbar Medical & Dental CollegeUHSLahore100
30Rai Medical CollegeRai Medical CollegeUHSSargodha100
31Rashid Latif Medical CollegeRashid Latif Medical CollegeUHSLahore150
32Rawal Institute of Health SciencesRawal Institute of Health SciencesSZABMUIslamabad100
33Sahara Medical CollegeSahara Medical CollegeUHSNarowal100
34Shahida Islam Medical CollegeShahida Islam Medical CollegeUHSLodhran100
35Shalamar Medical & Dental CollegeShalamar Medical & Dental CollegeUHSLahore150
36Sharif Medical & Dental CollegeSharif Medical & Dental CollegeUHSLahore100
37Shifa College of MedicineShifa College of MedicineSTMUIslamabad100
38Sialkot Medical CollegeSialkot Medical CollegeUHSSialkot100
39University College of Medicine & DentistryUniversity College of Medicine & DentistryUoLLahore150
40University Medical & Dental CollegeUniversity Medical & Dental CollegeUHSFaisalabad150
41Wah Medical CollegeWah Medical CollegeNUMSWah Cantt100
42Watim Medical CollegeWatim Medical CollegeUHSRawalpindi100
43Pak Red Crescent Medical & Dental CollegeUHSLahore100
44Bahawalpur Medical CollegeUHSBahawalpur100

List of Medical Colleges in Sindh

There are a total of 29 medical colleges in Sindh. Let’s check their list according to their sector.

  • 12 Medical College are Public Sector
  • 17 Medical College is a Private Sector
  • 29 Total colleges

Public Sector Medical Colleges of Sindh

In the public sector of Sindh, there are a total of 12 medical colleges. Let’s check their list.

Sr No.LogoCollege NameUniversityCitySeats
1Bilawal Medical CollegeBilawal Medical CollegeLUMHSJamshoro100
2Chandka Medical CollegeChandka Medical CollegeSMBBMULarkana250
3Dow International Medical CollegeDow International Medical CollegeDUHSKarachi150
4Dow Medical CollegeDow Medical CollegeDUHSKarachi350
5Gambat Medical CollegeGambat Medical CollegeSMBBMUGambat-Khairpur Mirs100
6Muhammad Medical CollegeGhulam Muhammad Mahar Medical CollegeSMBBMUSukkur100
7Karachi Medical & Dental CollegeKarachi Medical & Dental CollegeUoKKarachi250
8Liaquat University of Medical & Health SciencesLiaquat University of Medical & Health SciencesLUMHSJamshoro350
9Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for WomenPeoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for WomenPUMHSWNawabshah250
10Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical College, LyariShaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical College, LyariDUHSKarachi50
11Sindh Medical CollegeSindh Medical CollegeJSMUKarachi350
12Khairpur Medical CollegeKhairpur Medical CollegePUMHSKhairpur Mirs100

Private Medical Colleges of Sindh

According to population, Sindh is the second largest province of Pakistan. There are a total of 17 private sector medical colleges. Let’s check the college list with their respective city.

Sr No.LogoCollege NameUniversityCitySeats
1Aga Khan University Medical CollegeAga Khan University Medical CollegeAKUKarachi100
2Al-Tibri Medical CollegeAl-Tibri Medical CollegeIU-HKarachi100
3Bahria University Medical CollegeBahria University Medical CollegeBU-IKarachi150
4Faculty of Medicine & Allied Medical Sciences/Isra UniversityFaculty of Medicine & Allied Medical Sciences/Isra UniversityIU-HHyderabad150
5Indus Medical CollegeIndus Medical CollegeUoSTando M. Khan100
6Jinnah Medical & Dental CollegeJinnah Medical & Dental CollegeUoKKarachi100
7Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences/ KIMSKarachi Institute of Medical Sciences/ KIMSNUMSKarachi100
8Liaquat College of Medicine & DentistryLiaquat College of Medicine & DentistryUoKKarachi100
9Liaquat National Medical CollegeLiaquat National Medical CollegeUoKKarachi100
10Muhammad Medical CollegeMuhammad Medical CollegeUoSMirpurkhas-Sindh100
11Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences for GirlsSir Syed College of Medical Sciences for GirlsUoKKarachi100
12United Medical & Dental CollegeUnited Medical & Dental CollegeJSMUKarachi100
13Ziauddin Medical CollegeZiauddin Medical CollegeZUKarachi150
14Fazaia Ruth Pfao Medical CollegeFazaia Ruth Pfao Medical CollegeNUMSKarachi100
15Hamdard College of Medicine & DentistryHamdard College of Medicine & DentistryHUKKarachi100
16Baqai Medical CollegeBaqai Medical CollegeBMUKarachi100
17Suleman Roshan Medical CollegeSuleman Roshan Medical CollegePUMHSWTando Adam100

List of Medical Colleges in KPK

In KPK, the total number of medical colleges in both sectors is 21. In this section, we give you a separate list for both sectors.

  • 10 Medical College are Public Sector
  • 11 Medical College is a Private Sector
  • 21 Total colleges

Public Sector Medical Colleges of KPK

In the public sector of KPK, there are a total of 10 medical colleges. Let’s check their list with their city names.

Sr No.LogoCollege NameUniversityCitySeats
1Ayub Medical CollegeAyub Medical CollegeKMUAbbottabad250
2Bacha Khan Medical CollegeBacha Khan Medical CollegeKMUMardan100
3Bannu Medical CollegeBannu Medical CollegeKMUBannu100
4Gajju Khan Medical CollegeGajju Khan Medical CollegeKMUSwabi55
5Gomal Medical CollegeGomal Medical CollegeKMUD. I. Khan110
6Khyber Girls Medical CollegeKhyber Girls Medical CollegeKMUPeshawar150
7Khyber Medical CollegeKhyber Medical CollegeKMUPeshawar275
8KMU Institute of Medical SciencesKMUKohat110
9Nowshera Medical CollegeNowshera Medical CollegeKMUNowshera110
10Saidu Medical CollegeSaidu Medical CollegeKMUSwat110

Private Sector Medical Colleges of KPK

In KPK, the number of private-sector medical colleges is equal to the public sector. The list of 11 private medical and dental colleges in KPK is given below.

Sr No.LogoCollege NameUniversityCitySeats
1Abbottabad International Medical CollegeAbbottabad International Medical CollegeKMUAbbottabad100
2Muhammad College of Medicine (Former Al-Razi Medical College)KMUPeshawar100
3Frontier Medical CollegeFrontier Medical CollegeBU-IAbbottabad100
4Kabir Medical CollegeKabir Medical CollegeGUPeshawar100
5Northwest School of MedicineNorthwest School of MedicineKMUPeshawar100
6Pak International Medical CollegePak International Medical CollegeKMUPeshawar100
7Peshawar Medical CollegePeshawar Medical CollegeRIUPeshawar150
8Rehman Medical CollegeRehman Medical CollegeKMUPeshawar100
9Women Medical CollegeWomen Medical CollegeKMUAbbottabad100
10Swat Medical CollegeSwat Medical CollegeKMUSwat100
11Jinnah Medical CollegeKMUPeshawar100

List of Medical Colleges in Balochistan

One of the biggest provinces of Pakistan is Balochistan. However, it is the largest province with a very low population.

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According to its population, there are only 5 medical colleges in which one is in the private sector, and the other 4 are in the public sector. In 2010 Governments decided that more medical colleges were needed in the province to improve medical education in Balochistan. Government of Balochistan proposed 3 medical colleges to construct outside of the Quetta region in Turbat, Khuzdar and Loralai.

  • 04 Medical College are Public Sector
  • 01 Medical College is a Private Sector
  • 05 Total colleges
Sr No.LogoCollege NameUniversityCitySeatsSector
1Bolan Medical CollegeBolan Medical CollegeUoBQuetta320Public
2Quetta Institute of Medical SciencesQuetta Institute of Medical SciencesNUMSQuetta-Cantt100Private
3Jhalawan Medical CollegeUoBKhuzdar50Public
4Loralai Medical CollegeUoBLoralai50Public
5Makran Medical CollegeUoBTurbat50Public

List of Medical Colleges in Azad Kashmir

  • 03 Medical College are Public Sector
  • 01 Medical College is a Private Sector
  • 04 Total colleges
Sr No.LogoCollege NameUniversityCitySeatsSector
1Azad Jammu Kashmir Medical CollegeAzad Jammu & Kashmir Medical CollegeUHSMuzaffarabad105Public
2Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Medical CollegeUHSMirpur105Public
3Poonch Medical CollegeUHSRawalakot105Public
4Mohiuddin Islamic Medical CollegeMohiuddin Islamic Medical CollegeMIUMirpur100Private


Summing up the article, we hope you will find our list of medical colleges in Pakistan beneficial. We provide you with a list for your convenience and ease according to the province, college cities, and related sectors.

If you still face any problems and have any college queries, feel free to ask in the comment section. You can also contact us through our email and phone number. Our MBBS team is always looking forward to solving your query. Like and share our article with your friends and family members.

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