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NUMS Entry Test 2022 [Syllabus and Preparation Guide]

Are you searching for the NUMS Entry Test 2022? Want to know the Test Syllabus? NUMS conducts every year its entry test is accepted all over Pakistan. This year NUMS also announced the official date of the entry test which is 9th October.

In this article, we will give you all the important information about the NUMS Entry Test, Syllabus, Books, Past Papers, Timing, NUMS Registration, and a lot of other things. No need to search for anything anywhere. Read the complete article and get all your necessary test preparations things.

NUMS Entry Test 2022

To get admission to the affiliate NUMS public and private sector medical colleges, the NUMS entry test is compulsory. Without its entry test, you can not get admission to any of its affiliate colleges. Moreover, you have to pass the test with 50% of marks.


National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) has announced the passing criteria of NUMS Entry Test which is same as MDCAT i.e. 55% for MBBS and 45% for BDS. Unlike MDCAT, the validity of NUMS Test is 1 year which means last year’s NUMS Test is not applicable this year. The roll number slips for NUMS Test 2022 are expected to be released within a few days on the official website of NUMS.

Every year NUMS conducts its entry test all over the country. In different cities, different examination centers are selected for NUMS entry tests. In all the examination halls, the test will start and end at the same selected time.

Eligibility for NUMS-MDCAT

In this section, we will give you complete information about the eligibility criteria for NUMS-MDCAT. The following persons are eligible to apply for NUMS-MDCAT Test.

  • Pre-medical Students, Who Secured 65% Marks in PMC National MDCAT.
  • A Student Who Secured 55 % Marks in PMC National MDCAT for BDS
  • Domicile (All Over Pakistan)
  • Result Awaiting Students Can Also Apply.
  • O/A Level Students Can Also Apply.
  • IBCC Certificate Is Mandatory for O/A Level Students

NUMS Test Format

There are a total of 250 MCQs that come in the NUMS entry test. NUMS Entry Test ( NET ) shall comprise two components.


PART A Shall carry 95 % weightage of the NUMS Entry Test (NET) and Shall consist of 150 MCQs with a stipulated time of 150 minutes.

There is no negative marking on their test. There are a total of 4 subject questions that come on the test. Let’s check the questions of each subject.

  • Biology 35%
  • Chemistry 25%
  • Physics 25%
  • English 10%

PART B (Psychological Test)

PART  B (Psychological Test) Shall carry a 5 % weightage of the NUMS Entry Test (NET) & Shall consist of 100 MCQs with a stipulated time of 30 minutes.

Note:- There shall be no negative marking.

NUMS Entry Test Syllabus 2022

In this section, we will give you a pdf file of the NUMS syllabus for 2022. You can download it on your PC and android devices. The NUMS syllabus is basically decided into different subjects. Each subject is further divided into particular units and topics. You just need to prepare all the topics given in the NUMS syllabus 2022. All the entry test questions will come from this syllabus.

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NUMS Schedule & Registration Date 2022

NUMS officially announced its entry test date scheduled for 2022.

  • Registration Starting Date: The online registration process for the entry test will start on 26 July 2022.
  • Registration Closing Date: Registrations of the entry test will close on 19th August 2022.
  • Entry Test Date: NUMS entry test will be held on 9th October 2022.
  • Fee for Entry Test: The fee for the NUMS Entry Test is 3500/- PKR.

NUMS Entry Test Centers

The below mentioned are selected test centers for the NUMS entry test 2022. Select your nearest one.

Sr No.CityProvince
1IslamabadCapital of Pakistan
13MuzaffarabadAzad Jammu and Kashmir

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Courses Offered by NUMS

The below-mentioned are undergraduate courses that are offered by NUMS.

NUMS Affiliated Medical Colleges

In this section, we will give you a list of private and public sector medical colleges that are affiliated with NUMS.

Public Sector

In the public sector, the following colleges are affiliated with NUMS.

  • Army Medical College, Rawalpindi

Federal Medical and Dental Colleges offer only MBBS. Besides this, it has only 100 seats for MBBS. Army Medical colleges offer both MBBS and BDS courses.

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Private Sector Medical College & Open Merit for MBBS

In this section, we will give you a complete list of private-sector medical colleges affiliated with NUMS and open merit for MBBS.

Sr NoCollegeSeatsMerit
1Wah Medical College (WMC), Wah Cant10087.93%
2CMH Lahore Medical And Dental College15090.90%
3Fazaia Medical College, Islamabad10088.09%
4Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College (FRPMC), Karachi10078.72%
5CMH Kharian Medical College, Kharian Cantonment10087.56%
6HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences, Taxila10086.65%
7Foundation University Medical College, Islamabad15088.77%
8CMH Multan Institute Of Medical Sciences15090.59%
9Bahria University Medical And Dental College, Karachi15070.75 % (SR)
76.56 % (ROC)
10Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences10073.59 % (BR)
84.45 % (ROC)
11CMH Institute of Medical Sciences, Bahawalpur10089.22%
12Karachi Institute Of Medical Sciences, CMH Malir10085.15%

Private Sector Dental Colleges & Open Merit for BDS

Here is the complete list of private-sector Dental Colleges affiliated with NUMS and open merit for BDS.

 Sr NoCollegeSeatsMerit
1Foundation University College of Dentistry & Hospital, Islamabad5084.59%
2CMH Lahore Medical And Dental College7584.81%
3HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences5081.54%
4Bahria University Medical and Dental College5060.47 %(SR)
72.7 %(ROC)

Eligibility on Open Merit Seats

  • F.Sc 65% Marks
  • NMDCAT 65% Marks

Merit Determination: The merit determination for both local and overseas students is different. Let’s have a look at each of them.

Weightage Formula for Admission (Local Applicants)

  • F.Sc Pre Medical/HSSC/Equivalent 50%
  • NUMS entry test 50%

Weightage Formula for Admission (Overseas)

  • F.Sc Pre Medical/A-level/12-Grade/HSSC/Equivalent 50%
  • SAT-ll or ( NUMS Entry Test if SAT-ll is not done) 50%

NUMS Fee Structure 2022

For private and public sector medical colleges nuns have different fee structures. Let’s check both sector fee structures.

  • Public Sector Medical colleges affiliated with NUMS
  • Private Sector Medical colleges affiliated with NUMS

For Public Sector College

The below mentioned are two NUMS affiliate public sector colleges.

Army Medical College Fee Structure

There are no fee dues for army cadets. They got free medical education from his college. However, the medical cadets also get a monthly scholarship worth 30,000/-. On the other side, the paying cadets fee structure is 180,000/-.

Federal Medical and Dental College

The fee structure of FMDC MBBS per year is 30,000 PKR.

For Private Sector

The below mentioned are dues and expenses of private sector NUMS-affiliated medical colleges.

Institutes1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th YearTotal Fee
CMH Lahore Medical And Dental College1,603,0001,487,0001,547,0001,607,0001,667,0007,911,000
Fazaia Medical College, Islamabad1,161,0001,102,5001,157,6251,215,5061,296,2815,932,912
Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College (FRPMC), Karachi1,161,0001,102,5001,157,6251,215,5061,296,2815,932,912
Wah Medical College (WMC), Wah Cant950,0001,045,0001,149,5001,264,4511,390,8965,799,847
CMH Kharian Medical College, Kharian Cantonment1,103,5001,088,5001,138,5001,188,5001,213,8505,732,850
HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences, Taxila1,088,0001,055,0001,097,0001,141,0001,187,4055,568,505
Foundation University Medical College, Islamabad1,076,0001,039,5001,091,4751,146,0491,203,3515,556,375
CMH Multan Institute Of Medical Sciences1,095,0001,047,5001,047,5001,047,5001,047,5005,285,000
Bahria University Medical And Dental College, Karachi1,062,620992,620992,620992,6201,002,6205,043,100
Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences870,810788,310788,310788,310788,3104,024,050
CMH Institute of Medical Sciences, Bahawalpur1,000,000950,000950,000950,000950,0004,800,000
Karachi Institute Of Medical Sciences, CMH Malir1,057,472924,472924,472924,472924,4724,755,360

Required Documents for Admission

For securing your admission to the respective medical college, you have to submit the below-mentioned documents.

  • Wealth statement of the parent, Equivalent to the tuition fee of the complete course.
  • Income tax returns
  • Insurance certificate

NUMS Entry Test Preparation Guide

Every year there are more than 30,000 students who appear in the NUMS entry test. The pass ratio of this test is only 5%. No need to worry, you can also pass this by making a little more effort. In this section, we bring a smart preparation guide with the best-proven tips.

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Biology Part

It is a medical entry test, so its major portion contains biology questions. In biology, section ether is a total of 80 multiple questions. You have to focus on the basic concepts of biology and its major roles. You can prepare this part from the National Book Foundation as well as the Punjab Textbook Board. All the basics of biology are covered in both these books.

Chemistry Part

The chemistry portion contains 60 questions. All the questions are general chemistry questions. Follow the NUMS syllabus for preparation. Make a good grip on all the basic concepts. Besides this, the NUMS booklet is one of the best books for its entry test preparation.

Physics Part

In the physics part, there are a total of 40 questions. One of the toughest portions of this test is the physics one. In this section, you have to attempt both theoretical and numerical questions. Try to solve and answer all the questions in your textbook.

English Part

Prepare English questions and make a strong grip on tenses. Try to learn antonyms and synonyms of different words. In the English part, there are a total of 20 questions.

MCQs Books for NUMS Entry Test

If you want to get high marks on your test, buy the below-mentioned books and start your hard work. The below-mentioned list of books will help you a lot to successfully clear your entry test.

  • Textbooks
  • National Foundation Books
  • NUMS Preparation Booklet
  • Handmade Notes

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How to Calculate NUMS Aggregate

The calculation of the NUMS aggregate is not a difficult task. Follow the below-mentioned simple steps and calculate the NUMS aggregate according to your marks.

  • Step – 1:- Marks obtained in HSSC /Equivalent x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% of SSC/Equivalent
    Total marks of HSSC/Equivalent
  • Step – 2:- Marks obtained in NUMS Entry test 200 x 0.50 = 50% of NUMS-MCAT
  • Step – 3:- 50% HSSC/Equivalent + 50% NUMS Entry Test = Aggregate Marks
  • Step – 4:- Aggregate Marks x 100 = Aggregate Percentage

FAQs About NUMS Entry Test

Is NUMS a Government university?

Yes NUMS is a public sector medical university in Pakistan. It is owned by the Pakistan army.

What Does NUMS Stand For?

The abbreviation of NUMS is r National University Of Medical Sciences.

Is Negative Marking in the NUMS Entry Test?

The biggest advantage of the NUMS entry test is that there is no negative marking.

How to Download NUMS Roll No Slip?

No need to download the NUMS roll no slip. They deliver the roll no slip to your home address via courier services. In case you do not receive your roll sip you can easily download it from the NTS website. Take a print of your downloaded slip.

Final Words

We try our best to give you all relevant information related to the NUMS entry test 2022. Still, if you have anything else about the NUMS entry test feel free to ask in the comment section. You can also contact us through our official email. Our MBBS™ team will solve your queries as soon as possible. Give your feedback in the comments section and share the article with your friends and family members. Best of luck with your bright future.

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