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PMDC MDCAT Syllabus 2023 [PDF Download]

Searching for the National MDCAT syllabus 2023? The PMC officially announced the syllabus for MDCAT 2023.  Some new changes are made in the syllabus that includes the removal and addition of some new topics.

In this article, we will give you complete information about the new revised PMDC MDCAT syllabus 2023. We will give the syllabus in PDF format to easily download it to your device and perfectly prepare for your exam.

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PMDC MDCAT Syllabus 2023

For hassle-free downloading of your MDCAT syllabus just click on the blue button below. The PDF file will download to your device within just a few seconds.

PMDC MDCAT Entry Test Paper Pattern

In the MDCAT paper, there are a total of 200 MCQs. Each MCQs carries one mark. There will be no negative marking according to the current PMC policy.

Test Formate

  • 1. Biology section will have 68 MCQs.
  • 2. Chemistry section will have 56 MCQs.
  • 3. Physics section will have 56 MCQs.
  • 4. English section will have 20 MCQs.
  • 5. Logical reasoning will have 10 MCQs.

Total Time of MDCAT Test

The total time of the MDCAT test is 210 minutes. You have to complete 210 multiple choice questions in 210 minutes, which is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

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Paper Subjects

The question in this test comes from a total of 5 subjects. The below-mentioned four subjects are included in the test.

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English
  • Logical Reasoning

All the questions follow the syllabus of PMC strictly. Read the syllabus carefully and try to cover all the topics provided by the PMC in the syllabus.


Which subjects are included in MDCAT test?

MDCAT paper consists of five subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English and Logical Reasoning.

Is MDCAT difficult?

The difficulty level of the National MDCAT is usually high. It’s a competitive exam. The purpose of this exam is to seek the best students who are going to become future doctors. So, you should have in mind that you cannot get high scores in this exam with carelessness.

Is MDCAT syllabus change every year?

PMC has announced its syllabus for MCAT 2023. Syllabus is same as last year

Final Words

We hope that you will easily get your PMDC MDCAT syllabus 2023 from this article. If you still have any queries related to any subject, paper timing, location, or anything else feel free to contact us, or you can also ask us in the comment section. We will try to solve your queries as soon as possible. Best of luck with your bright future.

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  1. Kindly let us know whether pmc has announced 2022 mdcat syllabus or not ….and if yes then from where we could get it ….

  2. Yes the syllabus for nmdcat is revised by PMC( 2020 syllabus) not according to 2021 syllabus because that
    was reduced. You all students should be search for 2020 syllabus.

  3. We have seen another syllabus for mdcat 2022 .
    According to that one , paper format is changed this year . The following format is given there
    Bio 80 mcqs
    Phy 40
    Chem 40
    Eng 20
    And no logical reasoning ..
    Can you tell me which syllabus is true??

  4. focus on your studies not on pmc syllabus
    ali raza have thought that we can make test from any where although from indian board so prepare yourself for tough time

  5. prepare yourself for big siffarish or for private medical collage because as the system is going like
    1 :question from every where
    2 : not to follow pmc syllabus in test
    3 : different questions for same seats
    all these are only joke
    shame on the government of pakistan
    (i am already the student of medical university but i feel the trouble that our future doctors are passing through

  6. assalam o alaikum ……kindly inform us regarding the issuance of the datesheet and the expected dates of the entrance test

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