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King Edward Medical University Admission 2021 Last date [Detailed Guide]

King Edward Medical University is a Lahore based public medical university. They offer 352 seats among which 302 are on open merit-based. Many hospitals are attached with KEMU which includes Mayo hospital, Lady Willingdon Hospital, Lady Aitchison Hospital, Nawaz Sharif Hospital, Shahdra Hospital, Government Said Mitha Teaching Hospital, and Mian Munshi Hospital

KEMU Admission 2021 are open. By going through this article you will become clear about the admission criteria of King Edward Medical University. All courses with their complete fee structures would be elaborated.

KEMU Admission 2021

Following are the basic edibility criteria for securing admission to the highest merit-based medical university.

  • Applicant must have secured at least 65% marks in both matric and F.Sc (pre-medical)
  • Applicant must have attempted NMDCAT and scored a good number.
  • Foreign applicants who have cleared examination equivalent to the pre-medical intermediate examination of Pakistan.

Courses Offered By KEMU

Several courses included by KEMU are as follows;

  1. MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
  2. DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy)
  3. B.Sc. (Vision Sciences)
  4. B.Sc. (Orthotics & Prosthetics)
  5. B.Sc. (Speech Therapy)
  6. B.Sc. (Psychological Sciences)
  7. B.Sc. (Cardiac Perfusion)
  8. B.Sc. (Medical Laboratory)
  9. B.Sc. (Operation Theater Technology)
  10. B.Sc. (Anesthesia Technology)
  11. B.Sc. (Renal Dialysis Technology)
  12. B.Sc. (Dental Technology)
  13. B.Sc. (Radiotherapy)
  14. B.Sc. (Imaging Technology)
  15. BSc. Hons in Neuro-Electrophysiology
  16. B.Sc. (Hearing Sciences)
  17. B.Sc. (Nursing)

M.Phil. Programs

  1. M.Phil (Anatomy)
  2. M.Phil (Physiology)
  3. M.Phil (Biochemistry)
  4. M.Phil (Pharmacology)
  5. M.Phil (Forensic Medicine)
  6. M.Phil (Microbiology)
  7. M.Phil (Histopathology)
  8. M.Phil (Hematology)
  9. M.Phil (Molecular Biology)
  10. M.Phil (Chemical Pathology)
  11. M.Phil (Physiotherapy)
  12. M.Phil (Optometry)
  13. M.Phil (Investigative Ophthalmology)
  14. M.Phil (Oral Pathology & Microbiology)
  15. M.Phil (Oral Biology)

MD Programs

  1. MD (Internal Medicine)
  2. MD (Pediatric Medicine)
  3. MD (Preventive Medicine)
  4. MD (Diagnostic Radiology)
  5. MD (Dermatology)
  6. MD (Clinical Oncology)
  7. MD (Cardiology)
  8. MD (Psychiatry)
  9. MD (Family Medicine)
  10. MD (Neurology)
  11. MD (Gastroenterology)
  12. MD (Hospital Administration)
  13. MD (Hematology), approval in process

MS Programs

  1. MS (General Surgery)
  2. MS (Obs. & Gynae)
  3. MS (Ophthalmology)
  4. MS (ENT)
  5. MS (Anesthesia)
  6. MS (Urology)
  7. MS (Paediatric Surgery)
  8. MS (Orthopaedic Surgery)
  9. MS (Plastic Surgery)
  10. MS (Cardiac Surgery)
  11. MS (Neurosurgery)
  12. MS (Thoracic Surgery)

MDS Programs

  1. MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)

PhD. Programs

  1. Clinical Sciences
  2. Basic Medical Sciences
  3. Allied Health Sciences


  1. DA (Anesthesiology)
  2. DIP DERM (Dermatology)
  3. DOMS (Ophthalmology)
  4. DGO (Gyne/Obs)
  5. DPM (Psychiatry)
  6. DOS (Orthopedic)
  7. DFM (Family Medicine)
  8. DPH (Preventive Medicine)
  9. DCN (Clinical Neurology)
  10. DCP (Pathology)
  11. DU (Urology)
  12. DIP CARD (Cardiology)
  13. DLO (ENT)
  14. DMJ (Medical Jurisprudence)
  15. DCH (Child Health)
  16. DMRD (Medical Radiology)
  17. DTC (TB & Chest Medicine)
  18. DPH (Public Health & Preventive Medicine)
  19. DCCH (Preventive Pediatrics)
  20. DCO (Clinical Oncology)
  21. DPD (Pediatric Surgery)
  22. DMFS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)

2nd Fellowship Programs

  1. Vitreoretina
  2. Paediatric Ophthalmology
  3. Movement Disorders
  4. Pediatric Nephrology
  5. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  6. Oculoplasty

KEMU Allied Health Sciences Admissions 2021

KEMU offers different programs regarding this. Anesthesia Technology, Cardiac Perfusion, Dental Technology, Hearing sciences (Audiology), Medical Imaging Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Neuro Electrophysiology, Operation Theatre Technology, Orthotics, and Prosthetics Technology, Physiological Sciences, Radiotherapy Technology, Renal Dialysis, Optometry, Investigative Ophthalmology, and Speech Therapy are some of the programs that are offered by KEMU.

Note: Only Punjab residents are allowed to apply for AHS programs at least 65% marks in matric, F.sc (Pre-Medical), and NMDCAT.

KEMU Hostels

KEMU offers a hostel facility for its students that are possessed with beautiful lawns and airy areas. These hostels are equipped with facilities that are essential for students. The transport buses provide pick and drop to the students as well. Farooq Hostel on McLeod Road is one of the best examples. The new hostel built is also equipped with a badminton court.

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Merit List 2021 KEMU

Admission in all degree programs is purely merit-based. Matric, F.sc, and NMDCAT marks play a key role in the determination of the merit. The applicant must be physically and mentally fit for admission. In some AHS programs, 20 years of age is required.

Final Words

The basic information that is needed for securing admission in KEMU is provided above. Still, you have any queries? Mention in the comment section below and we will catch you!

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