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MBBS in China For Pakistani Students [Everything You Need to Know]

China is a safe residence for worldwide students who desire to follow MBBS in China. The previous 20 to 25 years have grasped a big number of Pakistani as well as worldwide students approaching to study Clinical Medicine in China.

Each year thousands of worldwide apprentices smear for MBBS in English Medium in China. Nearly every single Pakistani, Pre-medical apprentice desires to come to be a doctor. However, high merit of Pakistani medical colleges, and the expensive fee structure of private-sector Pakistani medical colleges, they can’t come to be a doctor.

MBBS Admission in China For Pakistani Students

At this point, I would provide you with a guide on how to acquire admission for MBBS in China. This article would cover complete data, from the Choice of the finest medical college to admission & fee structure.

You might do MBBS at the least fee from china. Because of road arrangements, you might travel the road from Pakistan to China.

Green List Recognized Institutes in China by PMDC

Below is the green list of medical colleges/institutes in china by PMDC.

Sr No.NameEstablishedStudentsWebsite
1Wenzhou Medical University191222,416Click Here
2Sichuan University189670,000Click Here
3Nantong University191245,000Click Here
4Qingdao University198546,000Click Here
5Tongji University190735,986Click Here
6Shandong University190167,500Click Here
7Shihezi University199645,200Click Here
8Ningxia Medical University19588500Click Here
9Chongqing Medical University195625,857Click Here
10Wuhan University189358,720Click Here
11Capital University of Medical Sciences196026,000Click Here
12Southern Medical University195119,261Click Here
13Harbin Medical University192610,000Click Here
14Jiangsu University190234100Click Here
15Guangxi Medical University19349,264Click Here
16Zhejiang University189754,641Click Here
17Tianjin Medical University19518,515Click Here
18Xiamen University192140,000Click Here
19Anhui Medical University192618700Click Here
20Ningbo University198625000Click Here
21Hebei Medical University189425,600Click Here
22Nanjing Medical University193415,000Click Here
23Xuzhou Medical University195813000+Click Here
24Guangzhou Medical University195811,300Click Here
25Shantou University198110,294Click Here
26Zhengzhou University195672,600Click Here
27China Three Gorges University200028,716Click Here
28Southwest Medical University195115,000Click Here
29XiÂ’an Jiaotong University189632,000Click Here
30Kunming Medical University193315,000Click Here
31Dalian Medical University19479,000Click Here
32China Medical University193112,000Click Here
33Jilin University194673,702Click Here
34Yangzhou University190226,000Click Here
35Fujian Medical University1937128000Click Here
36Jinzhou Medical University194613,806Click Here
37Sun Yat-sen University192451,535Click Here
38Jinan University190650,535Click Here
39Xi’an Jiaotong University189632,000Click Here

Compulsory Official Papers

  • High School Transcripts( 10th & 12th result)
  • Physical Examination Form
  • Passport Copy
  • Passport Size Picture
  • Filled out the application form
  • Filled Out Resume
  • Police Character Certificate / verified by the foreign office
  • Signed detailed fee structure by student & Guardian
  • Bank statement of 5000$


There is a fresh apprentice admission scholarship of 7000 RMB (154599.43 PKR) that would be provided after submission of the 2nd-year University fee. All the apprentices who got 70% Marks in Biology & English, as well as 65% in Biology & Chemistry, would acquire that scholarship.

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Fee Structure for MBBS Admission in China

Below is the comprehensive fee structure for MBBS Admission in China.

  • Tuition Fee 10500
  • Registration Fee 500
  • Liaison Fee 21550
  • Medical Checkup 350
  • Medical Insurance 800
  • Hostel Charges 3500
  • Visa Extension: 800
  • First Year Fee 38000 RMB (839254 Total Fee)
  • 2nd Year to Final Year Fee 19800 RMB (437295PKR Total Fee)
  • The apprentice has to submit the Ist-year fee on arrival; if not, He/ She would have to live in the hotel till fee submission is completed by the apprentice.

Moreover, the fee would be submitted in Chinese Yuan (RMB) variation might alter the fee in US$.

Food, Books, and additional diverse expenditures aren’t comprised in the above fees. Apprentices themselves would bear these costs.

Special Notes: Liaison fee isn’t a university fee. That is charged by the association which is accountable for your admission Process; besides, it’s non-refundable once submitted.

MBBS Admission in China 2024-25

March 2024 is opening for MBBS Admission in China for Pakistani Apprentices. Admission Criteria is 60% grades in Biology & English, more than 50% in Chemistry & Physics. Age Limit is 25 Years and less than 17 Years of apprentice wouldn’t be accepted. The apprentice among 17 to 18 years would deliver the power of attorney verified by the Chinese Embassy.

Admission Application & Procedure

Once getting the admission letter you are mandatory to deliver all the exceeding obligatory official papers. JW 202, as well as a security deposit of 3000RMB, would be subtracted from the fee bundle. Besides, if your visa is prohibited by the Chinese embassy at that time you might provide a genuine copy of the admission letter along with JW202 to us and might acquire the repayment of a security deposit of 3000RMB.

Special Note: The admission fee of 2000RMB & Courier is not refundable besides non-refundable after it’s submitted as well as not countable in the fee.

How to Apply for MBBS in China

Below is the step-by-step guide to applying as well as choosing a medical institute in China.

Search Chines Medical Institutes

As for our info, you can’t smear directly in any medical institute. Select a reliable agent in your city. Agent charge a particular fee such as 5000 to1000Pkr. Moreover, the agent would be accountable for all the matters associated with MBBS in China.

If you apply via our podium, our squad would assist you from the choice of a medical institute in China to PMDC MDCAT Test. Our crew comprises doctors who passed the PMDC test freshly. We would support you each & every matter in China.

Admission Letter

It is the 2nd step later the choice of a medical institute. Apply for an admission letter & jww2 form (Student visa). You require their scanned photocopy.

You require the genuine admission letter delivered by your institute & student visa form in order to apply for your visa at the embassy in the Republic of China which is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan.

All the mentioned steps would be stated to you by your agent.

Apply for Police Certificate

It is the 3rd step. Apply for a police certificate. For that motive just go to your native police station. They would give you advice about the Police certificate submission procedure. Usually, within a few days, the police station provides a police certificate.

You have accomplished 3 steps. If you have any queries, ask us in the comment box we would respond to your comment soon.

Verification of Academic Documents

Get verification of your matric as well as FSc comprehensive grades sheet from your particular board of intermediate & secondary education; also verify from inter-board chairman commit Islamabad.

In addition, for attestation of official papers, you might use the TCS service.

Visa Application

Visa Application is the 5th step. We are giving you momentary info regarding the visa application for MBBS in China. You have to apply from the embassy for your visa.

Benefits for Pakistani Students in China

MBBS in China for Pakistani apprentices is very favorable. Here is the list of advantages & conveniences for Pakistani apprentices.

  • All Chinese institutes of MBBS course is in English
  • The age limit for MBBS in China is 18 to 24
  • All Chinese institutes are acknowledged by WHO
  • China MBBS Degree is acknowledged worldwide
  • Country tests, such as USMLE, and PMDC are compulsory for Practice as a doctor
  • O/level or FSc pre-Medical students might apply
  • University Representative would Receive You

PMDC Test After Completion of MBBS

Once you accomplish your MBBS in China, it’s obligatory to clear Pakistan medical & dental council test. Once clearing the test successfully, PMDC would provide a certificate. Now, you might practice like a doctor in Pakistan.

If you desire to practice in China, no test is obligatory. Moreover, if you desire to practice in the USA, you require appearing in USMLE.

Once completing the Pakistan Medical Council test, your expedition is completed, however not over. Currently, you are a doctor authoritatively.

If you have any queries about PMDC Test. Comment below. We feel pleased to assist you and we charge nothing for support. Thus, share this informative article on social media.


In this article, we tried our best to provide you with comprehensive information about MBBS in China for Pakistani Students. Hope you would find this info helpful. Still, if you have any questions in your mind, you can ask us in the comment box, our team would love to help you.

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