Chemical Grammar By Salman UL Waheed 5th Edition For MDCAT & NUMS


Main Topics include :

  • Sentence synthesis ( Usage of one word affecting the other )
  • Parts of Speech
  • Past Papers ( 2008-2020 )
  • Solution and analysis
  • Exercises
  • NMDCAT  Vocabulary

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Chemical Grammar By Salman UL Waheed 5th edition MDCAT/NUMS/CA/CSS:  The first English grammar book to be written with absolute perfection in Pakistan came for the first time in its history.  Chemical Grammar By Salman UL Waheed 5th edition MDCAT/NUMS/CA/CSS is the best book to prepare MDCAT and PMS, CSS exams.

It would not be wrong to say that this book meets all the needs of CSS and MDCAT tests in a true sense. Those who achieved the highest results in previous years used this book, as their results revealed.

Besides this throughout the book, there are no corners left unturned in terms of English grammar. Furthermore, the author of this book is the young leading talent of the country. Besides versatility, this book is available at affordable rates. 

If you are looking for the best website to buy this book, no need to look further. Luckily, you have reached the right place. You can buy Chemical Grammar By Salman UL Waheed 5th edition MDCAT/NUMS/CA/CSS at an affordable price from here. 

So, after studying the book, countless students, including UHS and PMC toppers, achieved their goals. Moreover, this book has no bearing on the final paper. Because the paper setters chose sentences from the examples in this book, NMDCAT 2020 and NUMS 2020 were made from it.

Without proper English grammar, how will you be able to communicate your message? You cannot even write a simple sentence without proper grammar.  Moreover, writing a sentence requires an understanding of grammar.

If you do not know the primary forms of an empire, how can you build one? You are unable to do this. Using the correct word at the right time is possible if we know grammar.

Therefore, you will suffer in your exams if you don’t understand English grammar well. You should read this fantastic book to get high marks in competitive exams. It’s time to order this book from our store and start studying for MDCAT and CSS exams.


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