Guyton and Hall Text book of Medical Physiology 14th Edition


Authors :

  • John E. Hall
  • Michael E. Hall

Main Topics include :

  • The cell and general physiology
  • Membrane physiology, Nerve, and Muscle
  • The Heart
  • The Circulation
  • The body fluids and kidneys
  • Blood cells, Immunity and blood coagulation
  • Respiration
  • Aviation, space, and deep-sea diving physiology
  • The Nervous system :A general principles and sensory physiology
  • The Nervous system B: The special senses
  • The Nervous system C: Motor and integrative Neurophysiology
  • Gastrointestinal Function-Motility, Nervous control, and blood circulation
  • Metabolism and Temperature regulation
  • Endocrinology and Reproduction
  • Sports Physiology


Important Note About This Book :

  • The first edition of the textbook of medical physiology was written by Arthur C. Guyton almost 65 years ago.
  • Unlike most major medical textbook ,which often have 20 or more authors ,the first eight edition of the textbook of medical physiology were written entirely by Dr. Guyton .
  • Dr. Michael Hall has joined in the preparation of the 14th edition of the textbook of medical physiology. He is a physician trained in internal medicine ,cardiology , and physiology and has brought new insight that have helped greatly to achieve the same goal as for previous edition.
  • The Textbook of medical physiology is not reference book that attempt to provide a compendium of the most recent advances in physiology. It is a book that continues the tradition of being written for students .It focuses on the basic principles of physiology needed to begin a career in the biological and health sciences.

Features :

  • Feature of the book is that the print is set in two size . The material in large print constitutes the fundamental physiological information that students will require in virtually all of their medical studies .

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Guyton and Hall Text book of Medical Physiology 14th Edition