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Read the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine if you want to understand how doctors are taught to think – how so many, how most of them do think. It’s oddly and profoundly moving. Now in its eighth edition, it still bulges in the pockets or on the iPhone of every scared house doctor on their first night on the ward, giving comfort and reassurance. Not just about what to do or how to do it, but about human compassion.

The Week, July 2012 This is a handy reference book that answers a direct question that a clinician has about general medicine, usually with a patient in mind… the book has to be readable, straight to the point, no waffling, up to date, and comprehensive.

That is a big ask for a handbook smaller in size than the BNF and roughly the same thickness. Yet astonishingly, it measures up to all these demands and more. It is an excellent reference source, ideal for a GP or outpatient clinic desktop, and is reasonably mobile.

Its layout lends itself very easily to be quickly dipped in; information is extracted, and move on to deal with the patient and solve their problem. The language is accessible, scholarly yet easy to read, and practical, and the scope of coverage is impressive, considering the size of the book. This book remains the gold standard for a great handbook of medicine and remains, like its predecessors, truly outstanding.

It is highly recommended. Univadis All medical students should own an OHCM…the best tutor you’ll ever have. Oxford Medical School Gazette …a truly indispensable medical gem. Occupational Medicine has not lost any of its fantastic attributes and remains a top-class book…The language is accessible, scholarly yet easy to read, and practical, and the scope of coverage is impressive, considering the size of the book.

Dr. Harry Brown This handbook is one I wish I could author. It is one of the best with its accurate and comprehensive fund of knowledge and emphasis on the human aspect, written by compassionate educators. I highly recommend it to all clinicians on both sides of the Atlantic. Vincent F Carr Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences …well-formatted and beautifully presented…what impresses me most…is the attention given arguably to the most agonizing and complex matters in medicine.

These are ethical and philosophical ideals…a truly indispensable medical gem. Every doctor should have ready access to this small volume. The Society of Occupational Medicine Even the latest resuscitation council guidelines made it into this edition, which is impressive, seeing as most medical texts are already outdated by the time they are published. I love the OHCM is the intermittent sections of intelligent prose, reminding us that medicine is not just black and white (or maybe cheese and onion).

These give us new perspectives on tricky or mundane topics, with inspiration from disciplines such as mythology, art, poetry, cosmology, and philosophy. These sections supplement our education and encourage us to become more holistic in our clinical reasoning, and is unique within the general medical textbook market. Peninsula Undergraduate Newsletter

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine [Oxford Medical Handbooks]