Practical Nursing Procedure Guide in Urdu By Dr. Ateeq Ur Rehman


Practical Nursing Guide:

  • For General Students Paramedical and Medical Faculty and Nursing Schools
  • Best Book For Nursing
  • Available at Affordable Price

Main Topics Included :

  • The Nursing Process, Collecting Information About Patient, Nursing Process Planning
  • Difficulties in the Nursing Process, Benefits of Nursing, Bed Preparation, Changing Bedsheets, Preparation of Empty Bed, Preparation of Used Bed, Bed Used After the Operation, Preparation of Bed For Amputee Patient
  • Cleaning Process, Basic Nursing Care, Lifting the Patient’s Head and Shoulders, Move the Patient to One Side or Other, Lifting the Patient to the Pillow, Misuse of Urinals, Misuse of Urinary Tract
  • Temperature Pulse and Respiration, Need to Know the Temperature, Instruction for Finding the Temperature
  • Breathing Examination of the Newborn, Blood Pressure, Anima and Suppository
  • Local Usage of Hot and Cold Things, Usage of Hot Things, Hot Water Bottle, Hot Strips
  • Surface Finishing Items, Tincture of Iodine, Calm Pulses
  • Woman’s Care, Vaginal Inspection, Medicine and Its Management, Factors of Drug Side Effects, Forms of Medicine, Drug Measuring Instruments, Medication Classification, Rules About Medicine
  • Medication by Ear or Eye, How to Put Medicine in The Eye, How to Put Medicine in the Ear, How to Put Medicine in the Nose
  • Types of Fever, Pulse, Normal Speed of Pulse, Pulse Count, Instructions for Intravenous Infusion, Subcutaneous Injection
  • Process of Laboratory, 24-Hour Test of Urine, Sugar Test, Stool Test, Examination of Spit, Taking Blood for Laboratory Test, Blood Clotting Products, The Patient’s Diet
  • Intramuscular Injection, Intravenous Injection, Key Points About the Patient’s Diet, Giving Feeding Through the Gut, Feeding Through Gastrostomy Tube, Cleaning of Stomach in Case of Poison
  • Diet and Nursing, Light Diet, Complete Diet, Low Fat Diet, Surgical Nursing, Care After Operation, ICU (Intensive Care Unit), Catheterization

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Practical Nursing Procedure Guide in Urdu By Dr. Ateeq Ur Rehman